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The 2023 AIPPI World Congress Kicks off in Istanbul, Turkey

On October 22 (local time), Istanbul, the Turkish economic, cultural and transportation center welcomed more than 2,000 IP practitioners from 69 countries worldwide. The 2023 AIPPI World Congress kicked off in a local Hilton Hotel here with insightful keynote speeches and magic dance performances.

China IP, as the premium media partner of AIPPI, was at the venue to witness this grand event.

At the Opening Ceremony, the keynote speeches began with warm welcome of AIPPI President Shoichi Okuyama, who expressed his sincere gratitude to all participants, relevant organizations of the host country, and the sponsors for their efforts and contributions to the smooth convening of the Congress. Shoichi Okuyama said that AIPPI, as an organization of members from all over the world, organized this meeting for members so that they can interact with each other and discuss a variety of issues that are important in IP. The four-day conference (22-25 October 2023) , as introduced, has designed full programs and is a valuable opportunity for all participants to broaden their horizons and exchange experience with their peers in different regions and industries around the world.

Muhammed Zeki Durak, President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office briefed Turkey's long history of innovation and the ongoing efforts towards innovation. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey. Muhammed Zeki Durak noted that over the past hundred years, Turkey has been committed to providing strong support for the IP development and has made vigorous efforts to strengthen the IP framework and collaborate with international partners to create a more global system.


Habip Asan, Director of Division for Transition and Developed Countries of WIPO, concluded the keynote speeches by summarizing the global IP development and changes in the new era and sharing WIPO's corresponding responses. Habip Asan pointed out that the use of global IP system has never been more prevalent in the new era. Over the past five years, global patent applications have increased by 7%, design applications by nearly 20%, and trademark applications by nearly 50%, despite the challenges of the pandemic. The combined value of intangible assets has exceeded $70 trillion, surpassing the worth of the world’s five largest economies. In addition, the landscape of intellectual property is also evolving geographically. A decade ago, 50% of global IP applications came from Europe and North America; Today, 70% of them are from Asia, Africa and Latin America. At the same time, high-growth start-ups are emerging worldwide.

In response to these changes, Habip Asan said the IP system should be more inclusive and horizontal, engaging not only IP experts and professionals but also women, young practitioners, small and medium-sized enterprises and other groups previously underserved. Habip Asan also detailed the projects that WIPO has initiated to adapt to these changes, including a series of programs for women, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and other groups. According to Habip Asan, WIPO, as an United Nation Agency, takes on global climate change challenges as well as IP-related solutions. WIPO also considers the impact of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain on IP protection, and has organized corresponding conversations and discussions on related issues.

The opening ceremony ends with eye-catching Turkish dances, bursts of applause and faces full of anticipation. As China IP reporter learns, the four-day conference will cover a wealth of educational activities, resolution setting and networking.

Source:China Intellectual Property

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