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Samsung Transfers 98 US Patents to Huawei

According to news from the Elec, Samsung has transferred 98 of its US patents to Huawei last month. Combined with the 81 patents it handed over in 2019 to Huawei, the Korean firm has given Huawei 179 patents in total so far. Previously in 2019, the two parties had signed a cross-licensing agreement to end their patent disputes. Huawei said it has reached patent cross-licensing agreements with 20 companies, including domestic and foreign companies. Samsung is Huawei's largest licensee among foreign companies in terms of the number of devices sold and the patents covered. The report notes that in cross-licensing agreements, sometimes one party pays more than the other due to differences in the quantity and quality of the patents. Samsung and Huawei's patent cross-licensing agreements mainly involve 5G patents, and Samsung has fewer patents than Huawei, making it possible to transfer the patents.

Source:China Intellectual Property

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