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Courts Make Joint Agreement on IPR Protection

Legal protection on intellectual property will be further strengthened in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region thanks to an agreement made by courts in the three areas.

The agreement was jointly signed by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the Tianjin No 3 Intermediate Court and Hebei's Xiong'an New Area Intermediate Court on Friday.

It not only aims to implement the central leadership's requirement of advancing the integrated development of the region, but also to fully support the regional innovation through stronger IPR protection, according to a statement provided by the Beijing court on Monday.

The three courts have agreed to take advantage of their resources to establish an efficient IPR protection system with multi-party participation and also pledged to focus more on talent education, with more information sharing and exchanges of IPR-related case handling.

"We three are neighbors and go on the same way of carrying out the innovation-driven development strategy and seeking a new pattern to promote regional high-quality growth," said Jin Xuejun, president of the Beijing court.

Regarding the agreement as a new chapter for the three courts to improve work methods, Li Xiujie, president of the Tianjin court, noted more measures will be made to ensure IPR protection can work effectively.

"Coordination and cooperation will be further enhanced to build regional IPR collaborative development demonstration zone," said Liu Guanghui, president of the Hebei court.

China has seen a rapid growth of IPR and a rising number of relevant disputes due to its fast development of technology. To efficiently solve the cases, the country has set up four courts to specialize in IPR case handling, including the one in Beijing, over the past few years.

In addition, special panels to guarantee the professionalism of IPR-related affairs and experts to help deal with technical issues involving IPR cases have also been established and improved in most courts nationwide.


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