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China Enhances IPR Protection Assistance

The total number of China's intellectual property rights (IPR) protection assistance service agencies has amounted to more than 1,300, according to a recent report on the country's IPR protection assistance progress 2021.

China handled more than 47,000 applications for IPR protection assistance in 2021, said the report which was released by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. More than 700 universities and social organizations, 109 volunteering teams and over 7,800 experts have participated in the IPR protection assistance services.

In 2021, China formulated or amended more than 10 laws or administrative regulations related to the IPR to strictly protect the IPR and promote the transfer of sci-tech achievements.

By 2021, there were a total of 184 information platforms for IPR protection assistance nationwide to provide services such as patent search, policy and regulation inquiry, statistical analysis, rights protection assistance, dispute mediation and publication of patent exchange information.  

Source: Xinhua

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