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CNIPA Accepts the First Batch of Administrative Adjudication Cases on Major Patent Infringement Disputes

CNIPA has recently accepted the first two administrative adjudication cases on major patent infringement disputes in accordance with relevant provisions in the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China and the Administrative Adjudication Measures for Major Patent infringement Disputes.

The requestor submitted the request materials for administrative adjudication in accordance with Article 5 of the Administrative Adjudication Measures for Major Patent infringement Disputes, and reported to relevant local IP offices to issue the supporting evidence that meets the circumstances described in Article 3 of the Measures. After examination, CNIPA filed the cases, issued the notice of acceptance, appointed case-handling personnel to form a panel, and assigned technical inquisitors of relevant fields to engage in the handing of the cases.

In the future, CNIPA will, in strict accordance with relevant provisions of the Patent Law and the Measures, ensure effective handling of administrative adjudication of related cases, organize oral hearings in accordance with procedures, and make administrative adjudication decisions in time, in order to maintain the market order of fair competition and guarantee the legitimate interests of IPR holders and the public.

Source:Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version

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