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Administrative Measures on List of Serious Violators in the Patent Field for Joint Punishment (Trial) Issued

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration of China (CNIPA) released the Administrative Measures Concerning the List of Serious Violators in the Patent Field for Joint Punishment (trial) (shortened as the Administrative Measures) to regulate the management of name list about serious patent-related violators under joint punishment. The Administrative Measures is formulated to deepen the implementation of key parts in the IPR protection and business environment improvement by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and constitute key measures to enhance the IPR-related credit system building and advance the implementation of work on joint punishment in the patent field. 


In November 2018, 38 national governmental agencies jointly signed the MOU on Joint Punishment of Seriously Dishonest Entities in the Field of Intellectual Property (Patents), to launch joint punishment over those dishonest entities in the patent field. The Administrative Measures is intended to promote the implementation of MOU by prescribing the specific practical steps and the deadline requirement about the procedure of blacklisting those serious violators, carrying out joint punishment, removing from the list and repairing the credit, in accordance with the patent-related laws and regulations as well as the regulations about social credit system building. The Administrative Measures include 27 articles in 5 chapters. 


Source: CNIPA Website

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