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IP Enforcers to Stand Guard for 100 Days at Import Expo

The Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) would be held on November 5 to 10 at Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center. Relevant preparatory work is under way.


"We released the Second CIIE Action Plan 100 days before the opening ceremony, launching a city-wide 100-day IPR protection campaign from August 1 to November 10," said Rui Wenbiao, Director General of Shanghai Intellectual Property Office (SHIPO). Under the Action Plan, IPR enforcement agencies of the city will gather their strength on building necessary infrastructure, bolstering measures, regulating markets, creating ambiance favorable for protection, ensuring services in place. All enforcement actions are required to match the highest standard and top performance in the world to offer exhibitors and visitors an environment in which IPR would be protected lawfully, strictly, rapidly and equally.


The Action Plan requires judicial departments, police and IPR departments in Shanghai to work together to beef up IPR protection, administrative enforcement and customs enforcement, deliver heavy blows to IPR crimes, streamline tipping formalities, fine-tune dispute resolution mechanisms, create an ambiance pro-IPR protection.


Priority examination for patents related to exhibits at CIIE is one of the major measures for IPR protection. At the promotional briefing on policies and services for CIIE on July 25, SHIPO Deputy Director General Lin Guoliang said that a service window would be opened by SH IPO during CIIE to receive such patent applications. "This measure will effectively protect the legitimate interests of the exhibitors and producers of the exhibits and enhance IPR protection for the exhibits."


Other excellent practices in the first CIIE would also continue (consulting service for the acknowledging of IP laws and IP filing, registering and protecting to help exhibitors make full realizations about our system of IPR protection and policies). Shanghai IPO will build a team for IPR supervisory service to make market search in key areas, double random check in enterprises involved and secret inquiries in main attractions and markets before and during the CIIE. Regular and stationary patrol in advance would certainly improve our IPR protection level.


Realization of zero complaint is not only an achievement of the first CIIE but also an objective for the second. Rui said that the benchmarking of world class level for IPR protection and making CIIE a paragon for IPR protecting in the exhibition area are higher requests for us. And we would seize the opportunity to have the governance capabilities of IPR protecting upgraded to build a high-standard leading position which is open, sharing and inside-outside-linking for IPR protection.  


Source: China IP News

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