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AFD China Organized World Intellectual Property Day Publicity Activity

On April 26, 2019, a warm spring day, quietly came the 19th World Intellectual Property Day. This year’s theme chosen by the World Intellectual Property Organization is "Reach for Gold: IP and Sports". Through this theme, they hope to help people understand the close relationship between intellectual property protection and sports, and draw people’s attention to the special theme, which gather various kinds of rights together, including but not limited to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and related rights, plant variety (e.g. grass for playground turf) protection.

As intellectual property becomes more and more closely related to our daily life, we hope to enable more people to have a basic understanding of intellectual property protection. For example, how many kinds of intellectual property are there? How to recognize the so-called patented products in our daily life? Does a trademark represent a brand or an enterprise? To further spread the relevant knowledge about intellectual property and do our bit in celebrating this Day, AFD China conducted a Publicity Activity for World Intellectual Property Day in the hall of the Technology Fortune Center Building, offering introduction materials about intellectual property protection and providing on-spot consultation services for free.

The activity was carried out during the midday break and thus attracted a lot of office workers. In addition to receiving free publicity materials, they could also get small gifts by scanning a WeChat QR code and following our official Wechat account. In this way, any IP information or news published on our official Wechat account will also be delivered to their personal accounts, which makes it convenient for them to receive the information. In the course of the activity, we feel many people know little about intellectual property. Thus, on this special day, in this special way, we hoped to let more people understand that intellectual property is just around us.

This activity received great support from our colleagues, who sacrificed their lunch time to participate in the publicity and consultation. They had been busy with the preparation for this activity for almost a month. Through joint efforts and active cooperation, they successfully and efficiently completed each task, including designing and printing the publicity materials such as our firm brochures, roll up banners, pamphlets about intellectual property rights knowledge, choosing and purchasing gifts, etc. During the activity, the participators were well ordered, and our colleagues also patiently answered all their questions. Within only 1 hour, the materials and gifts we provided were all sent out, which marked a successful ending of this publicity activity and gave us the confidence to continue to conduct such kind of activities in the future.

Through such activities, we believe intellectual property will no longer be an empty word, but will become a powerful weapon which can protect ourselves.

As practitioners in the areas of intellectual property protection, this is not only an obligation but also an honor and a faith.

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