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Beijing Higher People’s Court Issued the Opinions on Strengthening IPR Case Trial

On September 20, Beijing Higher People’s Court held a press conference to release the Opinions on Strengthening the IPR Case Trial for the Promotion of Innovative Development (hereinafter referred to as “the Opinions”), in a bid to ensure the national innovation-based development and the construction of “four centers” in Beijing.


The Opinions includes 37 provisions of 7 parts. It mainly sets forth the adjudication rules and requirements about cases related to innovation and development technologies, and proposes specific measures.


Also, the Opinions provides regulation and guidance to a series of issues, including the unified judicial standards, improved professional trial capabilities, professional trial team and the extended adjudication functions.


Yang Baiyong, Full-time Member of the Adjudication Committee and Head of Beijing IPR Tribunal of Beijing Higher People’s Court said that, the Opinions meets the needs of Beijing for targeted development, IPR judicial adjudication practice and innovative development of enterprises. It is of significance to fully leveraging the functions of IPR, spurring innovation, ensuring that various enterprises can obtain the innovation resources equally, realizing the proper allocation and efficient use of innovation resources and facilitating the technical innovation and industrial development.


(Source: China Intellectual Property magazine)

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