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MOF: Building the IPR Operational Service System

According to the information on its official website on June 1, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) released the Notice on Building the IPR Operational Service System, in an effort to channel up the IPR operational chain and service system.


According to the Notice, a complete, well-designed and smooth IPR operational service system will be established in key cities in three years, with the quality of IPR creation, protection results, utilization effects, management capabilities and service being significantly improved, so as to promote the reform in the industrial development quality, efficiency and driving force.


The Notice requires that the IPR protection should be strengthened in an all-round way. It is expected to accelerate and promote the system of IPR protection, coordinate the promotion of strict, major, fast and synchronous IPR protection and improve the efficiency and effects of law enforcement and IPR protection.


First, launch the special actions for IPR law enforcement and protection, increase efforts on investigation over source of counterfeiting, repetitive, malicious and group IPR infringement and strengthen law enforcement and protection in the key fields of e-commerce and livelihood and the key links of exhibition, import and export;


Second, encourage the establishment of IPR protection centers with industrial characteristics and the building of joint mechanism for fast IPR protection, identification, examination and authorization to improve the protection results;


Third, build the system of social credit in IPR field and the joint punishment mechanism for IPR credit-losing entities;


Fourth, encourage the establishment of industrial IPR alliance, build up a system of early warning and joint response to major IPR-related risks and coordinate the solution of foreign-related IPR disputes;


Fifth, improve the aid and service network of IPR protection, expand the channel for IPR protection and make more efforts on service of IPR protection overseas;


Sixth, strengthen IPR publicity and educational training, improve the social awareness of IPR protection and motivate the initiative of right owners in law-based protection.


(Source: jwview, ipraction)

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