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The Concept of Service-Based Law Enforcement to Be Established in the 2018 Anti-counterfeiting Activities

It is learned from the recent national work conference on law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting that the enforcement and anti-fake work in 2018 will regard the improvement of quality and security as the central tasks by making more efforts on law enforcement for anti-counterfeiting, regional unified rectification and the regulation over defect product recall, with focus on improving and innovating the work system.

The Enforcement Inspection Department of AQSIQ deployed many key tasks for the law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting work in the new year. As one of the biggest highlights, the “establishment of service-based law enforcement concept and active exploration of follow-up quality technical service mode for law enforcement anti-counterfeiting and recall regulation” drew wide attention.

It is introduced that in 2018, the law enforcement system for quality inspection will actively explore the follow-up quality technical service mode for law enforcement anti-counterfeiting, harshly punish the serious and illegal acts related to quality to transfer to the courts or ask the government to completely ban, increase the exposure, combine the loss of credit with punishment to increase the cost of law breaking; after the law enforcement inspection is conducted concerning the production enterprises with minor and general quality issues or problems, the quality and technical services will be followed up to help enterprises rectify and improve the product quality.

In addition to the fields of anti-counterfeiting at the “market end” and recall at the “post-market end”, the service-based enforcement concept will also penetrate into the “front-market end”. The enforcement work for quality inspection in 2018 will push forward the commitment work on product quality. Under the framework of disclosure and supervision system about enterprises’ standard self-declaration, enterprises’ quality commitment was promoted. Those enterprises will be investigated and punished if they fail to reach the compulsory national standards in terms of their commitment fulfillment; Those enterprises will be rectified and offered with quality and basic technical service if they reach the national standard, but fail to reach the standards in their self-declaration about commitment standard. Those enterprises will be promoted if they reach the standard in the self-declaration so as to create a sound market environment for good quality and affordable price.

(Source: IPRAction, cqn.com.cn - China Quality Daily)

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