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AFD China Selected as a Preferred IP Service Provider For Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises by MIIT

AFD China is officially selected as a preferred IP service provider for medium, small and micro enterprises of China, through 6-month examining and screening and 7-day public announcement by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT). The final result of honor was published on January 11, 2018.

The purpose of the selection is not only to recommend excellent service providers in different professional fields for medium, small and micro enterprises but also to partner service providers with outstanding businesses. Through which collaboration is established between enterprises and service providers so as to truly achieve the integration of resources and the mutual benefit and win-win situation. 

In this selection, the capability, scale, qualification and honors of the service provider, the quantity and quality of the services and the will of serving of the provider, etc. are comprehensively considered.  

Standing with industrial leaders in other fields such as China Mobile, Alibaba, and Microsoft, there are only three IP firms were included in the final announcement. We are proud that AFD China is one of them. 

Medium, small and micro enterprises, among which many newly established and innovative enterprises are the main force, are significant participants in market economic activities of China. We anticipate to fully exert our strengths through the platform of MIIT and greatly assist the medium, small and micro enterprises by implementing the core service concept of “being faithful to our client and committing to our promise” and the forward thinking service attitude, in solving their IP related issues during their development and realize mutual development between us.

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