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AFD China Selected as Branding IP Service Agency of Beijing

After two years of hard work and fostering, in November 2017, AFD China is selected as a Branding IP Service Agency of Beijing through two rounds of strict examination and evaluation by Beijing Intellectual Property Office.
In 2015, we were selected as one of the second batch of IP firms which have the honor to take part in the brand fostering program for Beijing IP firms. In these two years, efforts have been made to improve our internal rules and regulations, refine management at all levels, regularize professional training, quality inspection and risk check mechanism, and by all means to improve the our employees' skills and cultivate their service consciousness, to ensure a timely, high-quality and customized service for our clients.

The establishment of a brand is inseparable from the dedication to one's service philosophy. No matter how the market changes, we always adhere to our service philosophy of being honest to clients and keeping our commitments. Through the persistent and unremitting efforts, we are gradually recognized by more and more clients. Our success cannot be achieved without our clients' trust. Here we thank them for all the support.

AFD China will stay faithful to our service philosophy and never stop our steps of improving ourselves. Choose AFD China and trust the power of the brand, we will use every opportunity to seek the best protection for your IP rights in China.

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