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AFD China Upgrades Website, Launches Mobile Site and Social Media Accounts

After two months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to introduce to you our brand new mobile site and the upgraded website. If you are a WeChat user, AFD China is now available on the platform as well.

We hope these accesses will help provide easier ways for people to learn about AFD China’s services and solutions, and allow people to learn about and interact with us.


In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of AFD China, our practices and the latest IP news, the upgraded website adds a column to introduce our participation in social responsibilities, e.g. our "Love Gallery" charity project, fundraising for children with cerebral palsy, and efforts in helping the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

We also have optimized the codes to improve the appeal, user friendliness, and loading speed of the website, place buttons on top right to link to our social media accounts, i.e., LinkedIn and WeChat, and ensure the cross-platform accessibility for both computer and hand-held users.


The new mobile website features an elegant, professional and user-friendly design. Visitors can easily navigate through the site after clicking on the beautiful front-page banners. The mobile site provides the same information as the classic site but is adapted to the majority of mobile devices.
Now visitors can have all the AFD China content with you everywhere and anytime.


We are also delighted to announce the new company account on LinkedIn & WeChat. Our goal with the social media presence is to provide clients and visitors an easier way to receive updates and insights about IP practices, company news and more. The new company page is interactive and gives better access to expand the network with associates and colleagues.

You can now find us at


WECHAT: go to the official account page and search for AFDIP2002 or scan the QR code below.

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