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SIPO Published the Reference Table for Design Classification for the First Time

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) published Reference Table for International Design Classification and National Economy Industries Classification (trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Reference Table) for the first time. The Reference Table establishes mapping relationship between design patents and national economy industries to provide a direct reference for industrial classification of design patent.

The Reference Table complies with the principle of minimum classification, product comparison and comprehensive comparison, and compares the international design classification to the corresponding small, medium or large categories in the national economy industries. The national economy, which has a mapping relationship with the international design classification, has a total of 243 sub-categories, 22 middle-level categories and 1 large-scale category, all concentrated in the manufacturing sector.

The reference table, formulated by SIPO, is a significant and fundamental project to strengthen the related evaluation of patent activities and economic benefits proposed in the Protection and Application of Intellectual Property Rights during the 13th Five-year Plan. So far, China has initially established a patent classification system covering international patent classification and international design classification as well as a reference system of national economy industries.

Source: SIPO

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