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Huifen Xi
Apprentice Patent Attorney

Professional Experience

Dr. Xi mainly works on patent translation, filing and responding to office actions. She works very hard on patent prosecution, providing strategic advices and counseling for prosecution for clients. She also delivers continuous training to new apprentices by sharing experience of hers and experience of other mentors of our firm.

Dr. Xi stepped into IP industry as a patent agent right after her graduation from the PhD program from Chinese Academy of Science. Her major is Cell Biology, which she has been pursuing since undergraduate years. She also obtains a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Shandong Agricultural University. 


Work Experience

- AFD China Intellectual Property Law Office (2014-) 

Patent Engineer (2014-2017); Apprentice Patent Attorney (2017-) 



- Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Science

- Double Bachelors in Cell Biology and Business Administration, Shandong Agricultural University 

- Training Programs on patent and intellectual property laws, other laws and legal system, China Intellectual Property Training Center, State Intellectual Property Office


Technical Practice Areas

- Biochemistry, bioengineering, molecular biology, cell engineering, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, chemistry and so on.



- Chinese and English



- China Intellectual Property Society

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