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Development of IP Work in China in 2016 Delivered

In 2016, administrative law enforcement cases for patent, trademark reached 49,000 and 32,000, up by 36.5% and 3.4%. Companies secured a total loan of 111.96 billion yuan by pledging their patent, trademark and copyright, up 20.17%, sources from the press conference of the State Council Information Office said on April 25. In 2016, China promoted the construction of itself into an IP powerhouse and we saw many achievements in IP work.



With the innovative activity continued to be unleashed, China maintained a good trend in IP creation. In 2016, there were 1.339 million invention patent applications, a year-on-year increase of 21.5%. Over 40,000 PCT applications were received and valid invention patent ownership exceeded 1 million. 3.691 million applications for trademark registration were received, up by 28.35%, ranking the first position in the world for consecutive 15 years. Valid registered trademarks reached 12.376 million by the end of 2016. There were 3,014 Madrid international trademark applications from domestic applicants, up by 29.8%. 1.599 million copyright for works and 407,000 software copyright were registered, increasing by 18.65% and 39.48% respectively.

In recent years, China has been increasing efforts in IP protection, which provide a strong support for innovation-driven development. A total of 87,000 patent infringement cases were handled nationwide. 322,000 cases for infringing trademark right, trade secret and selling counterfeiting goods, together with 35,000 piracy cases were handled. In 2016, the General Administration of Customs detained 17,000 batches of IPR-infringed goods, involving 42 million commodities. Local people's courts nationwide received 136,500 new IPR civil cases in first instance, increasing by 24.8%. Prosecuting departments nationwide approved arrest of 3,797 suspects in 2,251 IPR infringement cases, and prosecuted 7,059 suspects in 3,863 cases.

Under the structural reform of supply-side, IP exerts a vital role in inspiring innovation. In 2016, China further stepped up IP use. The State Council formulated Several Opinions on Implementing the Law on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements. The General Office of CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued Several Opinions on Policy Implementation Aiming at Adding Knowledge Value in Income Distribution. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology accelerated the implementation of national guiding fund for transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The construction of National IP Operation and Service Platform continued to progress. The first tranche of 4 billion yuan of IP operation fund was raised for key industries and sectors. SIPO promoted patent insurance in 17 provinces, including patent infringement liability insurance and patent license insurance. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce established 30 sites for accepting pledge of trademark exclusive rights in 24 provinces.

For a long time, China actively participated in IP international community and promoted the IP international rule-making to develop in a balance, generous and tolerant way. In 2016, SIPO, SAIC, the National Copyright Administration and Ministry of Commerce of China and Beijing government held a high-level conference on IP for countries along the Belt and Road. At the conference, a common initiatives document was released and nominalized mechanism of cooperation took in shape. SIPO held the ID5 conference and issued joint statement. SAIC held TM5 meeting and activities to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Madrid System. NCA held an exhibition on copyright protection on Te-hua porcelain at WIPO's headquarters. 

(Source: SIPO, China IP News)

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