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Recent Revisions of Patent Laws and Regulations

On April 1, State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China started to solicit public comments on its new draft of Patent Law Amendments. Deadline for submitting comments is April 28. 


SIPO has also started to solicit public comments on its Examination Measures on Rescinding Integrated Circuit Layout Design Proprietary Right (Draft). Deadline for submitting comments is May 1.


On April 2, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published a draft of the Service Invention Regulations along with an accompanying explanation. The draft was prepared with the assistance of SIPO and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Comments are due by May 2, 2015. The draft fully respect the autonomy of the parties, and adopts the principle of priority of the agreement on the rights of ownership and incentive remuneration reached by the parties according to law.



(Source: SIPO)

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