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Qianqian Han
Patent Attorney

Professional Experience

Ms. Han has obtained considerable experience in patent prosecution, responding to office actions, opposition, invalidations. She passed National Judicial Examination in 2016. So she also works in our litigations group, including administrative and infringement litigation groups. She directors a patent prosecution team too and delivers continuous training to new apprentices by sharing experience of hers and experience of other mentors of our firm.

Before joining AFD China, Ms. Han had three years of working experience as a patent examiner in Patent Examination Cooperation Center of the State Intellectual Property Office.  She obtained her Master of Science degree in Computer Architecture, a Bachelor of Art degree in English Language and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Tianjin University..


Work Experience

- AFD China Intellectual Property Law Office (2009 - ) 

Patent engineer (2009 - 2012), Patent Attorney (2012 - )

- Patent Examination Cooperation Center, State Intellectual Property Office (2006 - 2009)

  Patent examiner



- Master of Science in Computer Architecture, Tianjin University 

- Bachelor of Art in English Language, Tianjin University 

- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Tianjin University 

- Training Programs on patent and intellectual property laws, other laws and legal system,           China Intellectual Property Training Center, State Intellectual Property Office


Technical Practice Areas

- Computer science, computer architecture, communication, network system, electronic engineering etc.



- Chinese, English and Japanese



- All China Patent Attorneys Association

- China Intellectual Property Society 

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