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IPR Strategy Scores Remarkable Progress in Implementation

The symposium marking the 10th anniversary of the Implementation Guideline for National IPR Strategy was held at the Great Hall of the People on June 5. Yan Junqi, Vice Chairman of the 12th NPC Standing Committee attended the meeting and delivered remarks. A decade ago, the Guideline was promulgated, which fully reflects the high importance attached by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, presents the wisdom of related departments, academia and other social community and bears the hope of IPR development. Over the past decade, especially since the 18th CPC, remarkable progress has been achieved in the implementation of national IPR strategies, giving strong support to the innovative social and economic development and winning full affirmation from different social communities.


Good results in the implementation of IPR strategy

Over the past decade, China’s IPR creation, protection, utilization and management has been upgraded in an all-around manner. The IPR creation continues to improve. The annual invention patent applications and domestic valid invention patents have each exceeded 1 million; the valid registered trademarks have increased significantly, making China rank the world top; the total grants of new plant varieties of from agriculture and forestry has increased from 1,616 in 2007 to 11,039 in 2017.


The copyright law enforcement supervision continues to strengthen

The copyright legal system continues to improve. The copyright law enforcement supervision continues to strengthen. The copyrighted software work continues to move forward. The work on social service of copyrights continues to be reinforced.


High social satisfaction about IPR protection

Shen Changyu, Head of State IP Office said that the IPR protection continues to strengthen and the social satisfaction scores has increased from 63 to 76, marking a sound stage in general. The benefits of IPR utilization are increasingly prominent, which supports the economic and social development.


(Source: Legal Daily, ipraction)

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