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China Recorded 4,150 Trademarks of Geographic Indication as of the End of April

On May 14, the publicity event of Guangxi in implementation of trademark and brand development strategy &“Targeted Poverty Alleviation through Geographic Indication”by Trademark Bureau under State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) were held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is learned from the event that as of the end of April, China has recorded 4,150 GI trademarks and noticeable results were achieved in targeted poverty alleviation in terms of GI.


It is learned that by the end of April 2018, China has approved 4,150 GI collective trademarks and certificate trademarks, among which more than half geographic indications become supporting sectors to regional economy and make positive contribution to the local employment, people’s income increase and economic development. The Trademark Bureau of SIPO coordinates and guides the regulatory departments of various levels nationwide to track down and expose the cases about infringement of exclusive rights of GI trademarks and to regulate the use of GI trademarks and special marks, so as to curb the IPR infringement and counterfeiting and defend the legitimate rights of IPR holders.


Since 2009, 744 illegal cases about geographic indication infringement have been handled, worth 8.8353 million yuan. In 2015, the 6-month campaign on protection of geographic indication trademarks was carried out nationwide, where 117 cases about infringement upon exclusive rights of geographic indication trademarks were looked into, worth 1.11438 million yuan.


Source: iprchn.com

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